Pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable on and off road

Revolutionizing Capabilities

From conquering challenging terrains with our Off-road Upfitting solutions to harnessing untapped power through our HEMITuning expertise, at Revolution Paradox (RevPar) we go beyond being an automotive performance company; we are an automotive rebellion, breaking free from the ordinary and actively pursuing the extraordinary.

Dakota Customs, a RevPar Company, specializes in top-notch HEMI and Hellcat conversions for Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to quality and a boundless passion for innovation, Dakota Customs transcends the ordinary to bring the wildest vehicle powerplant conversions to life.

HEMITuner Performance, a RevPar Company, leads in Mopar tuning. Our top-tier solutions increase horsepower while preserving drivability and fuel efficiency. Whether it’s a Charger, Challenger, Wrangler, or others, HEMITuner Performance is your ultimate destination for unlocking your vehicle’s potential.

Tank Customs, a RevPar Company, excels in automotive innovation. With unwavering dedication, we meld passion and precision to craft vehicular visions into masterpieces. From performance to interior upgrades, our skilled artisans turn vehicles into art, each project exceeding expectations.

Join The Revolution

If you’re fed up with the humdrum routine, yearning for an adrenaline rush that’ll set your soul ablaze, and eager to liberate yourself from mediocrity’s chains, then join the revolution that is RevPar! Together, we’ll rewrite the rules of the automotive world, reveling in the thrill of the impossible! So let’s buckle up, charge into the unknown, and embrace the glorious chaos of our automotive rebellion!

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